June 5, 2020

Storytime Saturday

Elephant and Piggie invite Big Guy to play the game of Whale Ball, a game that they are going to invent. Make up your own game of Whale Ball by following these instructions.


  • an 8.5” x 11” piece of printer paper
  • a piece of cardboard
  • scissors
  • markers, paint, stickers, and other decorations
  • masking tape


1)     Make the goal for your game of Whale Ball! On your piece of cardboard, draw a large H shape and cut it out.

2)     Decorate the goal however you like, with stickers, markers, paint. Go wild!

3)     Make your ball. Crumple up your paper as tightly as you can. The more compact and tight the ball of paper is, the better it will work during your game of Whale Ball.

4)     With the masking tape, attach your goal to the end of a table, and prepare to play Whale Ball!

How to Play:

It’s up to you to create the rules for your very own game of Whale Ball, but we suggest starting here:

1)     Place your ball on the opposite end of the table, a few feet away from your goal.

2)     Try to flick the ball with your fingers though the top two posts of your goal.

3)     If you get the ball between the two posts, you get a point. Hurray!

Once you have the basic idea, add your own variations and new rules. Here are some suggestions:

–     add a time limit (eg. each game lasts only 5 minutes)

–     add a limited number of shots on the goal (each player only gets three shots)

–     every player needs to make a sound (eg. A chicken sound, or sing a song when you take a shot on the goal)

–     every player must use their non-dominant hand (ie. a right handed player must use their left hand to flick the ball)

–     the other players can try to block the ball or hit it back to the shooter

–     you can play in teams or as individual players