June 5, 2020

Storytime Saturday

There are so many dogs of so many colours in Go, Dog, Go! Create your own very simple dog (or cat, person, monkey, dragon, whatever you can imagine) finger puppets by following these instructions.


  • thin cardboard or cardstock
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • hot glue, white glue, or tape
  • coloured markers, paint, pencil crayons, etc
  • optional decorations including googly eyes, stickers, glitter, etc


1)     Cut out a small rectangle of thin cardboard or cardstock. Wrap it around your finger, closer to the tip of your finger, and glue it so that it will stay wrapped. If you are using hot glue, be very careful not to burn your fingers. If you need, ask a grown up for help.

You should end up with a small tube of cardboard or cardstock that fits on the end of your finger.

2)     With your pencil, draw your finger puppet character. Make sure that it isn’t too big to fit comfortably on your finger.

3)     Carefully cut your finger puppet character out, leaving a little space around your drawing. The white space around your character makes it a little easier for your audience to see the puppet from a distance.

4)     Decorate your puppet however you like! Bold colours and simple lines make your puppet a little easier to see from a distance. If you like, add glitter, googly eyes, stickers, and more to make your puppet design really exciting.

5)     Carefully glue your finger puppet character to the little tube of cardboard or cardstock.

6)     Repeat to make as many puppets as you like! Perhaps you can make all the puppets for a particular story, or a lot of puppets in different colours. Let your imagination go wild.