June 5, 2020

Storytime Saturday

Callie Cat loves to skate! Create your own ice skater or dancer stick puppet by following these directions. Don’t want to make a skater? Let your imagination go wild with this easy stick puppet, inspired by Czech style marionettes.


  • strips of corrugated cardboard at various widths – from 1/4” to 2” wide
  • a skewer or chopstick
  • scissors
  • hot glue or white glue
  • markers
  • optional decorations – coloured paper, paint, markers, yarn, stickers, etc


1)     Carefully peel your cardboard strips apart, revealing the corrugated inner layer. Taking the cardboard apart makes it easier to coil your strips of cardboard around your skewer or chopstick. It also gives you the option of creating different textures on your puppet.

2)     Take your widest strip of cardboard, and coil it around the end of your skewer, gluing it in place. This will create the torso of your puppet.

3)     Take a narrower piece of cardboard, and coil it around your skewer, above the torso piece, to create the head of your puppet. If the head seems too big for the body, trim your cardboard strip a little to make a smaller coil. Glue it in place.

4)     With another, wider piece of cardboard, create two coiled legs for your puppet and glue them to the bottom of your puppet torso.

5)     Cut out and add feet to the bottom of the legs. If your puppet can’t stand on its own, you can also glue a cardboard base to the feet, giving your puppet something solid to stand on.

6)     Cut out arms, hair, and clothing and glue them to your puppet, using strips of cardboard. Add any other decorations you like – stickers, coloured paper, drawn-on designs, strings or ribbons, etc.

7)     Make sure to give your puppet a face – add eyes, a mouth, whatever you like with your marker.

8)     If you like, you can create multiple puppet characters and put on a show! Czech-style marionettes can be built to stand on their own, which means that the puppeteer can have multiple puppets on stage at once, without having to hold onto every puppet. It can be a great style of puppetry to do on your own, without needing a lot of other puppeteers to help.