June 5, 2020

Storytime Saturday

Make a Map of the Kingdom!

When Yertle looks out over his kingdom, he sees all kinds of plants and animals. If he had a map of his kingdom to look at, maybe he would have been satisfied and wouldn’t have climbed so high on the backs of all his subjects!

Follow these directions to learn about map-making and create a map of your very own imaginary kingdom.


  • paper, large enough to draw your map
  • markers, pencils, pencil crayons, coloured pens, crayons
  • ruler
  • optional decorations (coloured paper, stickers, sequins, tissue paper, cut-out images from magazines or newspapers, etc)


1)     In the centre of your map, draw the outline of your kingdom. Your kingdom can be an island or it could be part of a larger continent.

2)     In one corner of your map, use your ruler to measure out a rectangular box. This box is for your map key. A map key helps the person reading your map understand the map. It contains an explanation of the symbols you use in the map, such as the difference between the line you draw to show a road and the line you draw to show a walking path. It can also include symbols to represent trees, mountains, and water.

3)     Towards the top of your map, draw a cross shape. There should be one longer, vertical line, pointing towards the top and bottom of your map. Draw a shorter, horizontal line across the vertical line. Label the top point of the vertical line with a capital N for “North” and the bottom point of the vertical line with a capital S for “South”. The left hand point of the horizontal line should be labeled with a capital W for “West” and the right hand point with a capital E for “East”.

4)     Choose a place on the map where your castle or house is located and draw it. This is your imaginary kingdom, so your house or castle can look unlike anything you’ve seen before!

5)     Go wild! Draw roads, forests, rivers, other houses, animals, sea creatures, anything you like! You can get very complicated with beautiful illustrations like old pirate treasure maps, or you can create a map that is simpler and a easier to read like the maps we use today.

6)     Label your map with the name of your kingdom, and voila! You have finished creating a map for your imaginary kingdom.