June 5, 2020

Storytime Saturday

 Photo-shoot Masks!

Inspired by Rabecca Talbot’s reading of Pig the Star (which you can find here if you missed it), we’re making masks to use in our very own super star photoshoot! Follow along below:


–     printer paper
–     stiff card (cereal boxes are perfect for this)
–     markers, pencils, pencil crayons, coloured pencils
–     scissors
–     glue (white glue or glue sticks)
–     decorations (coloured paper, feathers, stickers, ribbon, sequins, fabric, tissue paper, tin foil..)
–     ribbon, string, or elastic


1)     Print out the mask template, or design your own mask shape on a piece of paper.

2)     Cut out the mask shape. Be careful cutting out the eyeholes – get help from an adult if you need it. Try it on your face, and adjust the shape and eyeholes if necessary.

3)     Glue the paper mask to the stiff card. Be very careful cutting out the eyeholes – the stiff card makes it a bit of a challenge!

4)     Decorate your mask! Think about what you want your mask to look like. It could be inspired by an animal, a person, or fruit, flowers, paintings, anything!

Add lots of colour and big shapes so that your mask stands out in the photoshoot. If you don’t have lots of fancy craft materials, you can always cut out paper flowers, feathers, jewels, and more from coloured paper or fabric.

5)     Carefully pierce holes in either side of your mask, where the two dot marks are on the printed mask pattern.

Take two pieces of ribbon, elastic, or string – making sure it is long enough to tie around your head – and thread one piece through each hole. Tie it off on either side of the mask, with one end left long to tie around your head.

6)     Find some costume pieces around your house. A blanket worn as a cape or a skirt, grown up clothes, party clothes, fun hats, anything that you have at home! Think about what kind of costume goes with your mask.

7)   Find someone to take your picture. Dress up in your costume and mask, try creative poses, and go wild during your very own photo shoot!

Tag us at @carouseltheatre #StorytimeSaturday so we can see your wonderful creations!