June 5, 2020

Storytime Saturday

Raven is very generous, sharing his gifts with everyone and encouraging them to share their own gifts. Share the gift of beauty with your neighbours by decorating your garden or windowsill with hand painted (or coloured) rocks.


  • rocks
  • pencil
  • markers or paint
  • paintbrushes
  • newspaper to protect the table
  • paper plate or other palette for the paint


1)     Wash your rocks so that the paint or marker sticks to them.

2)     Let your rock inspire you! What does the shape of the rock make you think of? What colours might look good on your rock? Daydream a little before starting.

3)     Sketch your design on the rock with pencil before painting so that you can make changes.

4)     Paint or draw with markers! Add colours, explore exciting designs, and surprise yourself. (If you painted your rock, you can add marker designs once the paint has dried.)

5)     Put your rock out in your garden or on your windowsill so that others can enjoy your gift! Don’t forget to share a photo with us at CTYP.