Carousel Theatre for Young People is thrilled to have received 7 Jessie Nominations, and to have won 4/5 of the awards for the Theatre for Young Audiences Category at the 2022 Jessie Awards for Dave Deveau’s Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, including:

  • Outstanding Production – Won
  • Oustanding Artistic Achievement (Jennica Grienke – Directing) – Won
  • Outstanding Design (Shizuka Kai – Set) – Won
  • Significant Artistic Achievement (Angelica Schwartz – Assistant Direction and Gender Consultation) – Won
  • Oustanding Performance (Rae Takei as Fin) – Nominated
  • Outstanding Performance (Matheus Severo as Dad/Felix) – Nominated
  • Outstanding Design (Mary Jane Coomber – Sound) – Nominated

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls – written by CTYP’s own Dave Deveau – follows the story of a 9-year-old who is assigned female at birth as he comes out to his family as a boy named Fin. He has always had a feeling – knowing something was different but not knowing what it was exactly or how to say it. Fin cuts his hair short and his family does the work to use his new name and understand Fin’s gender identity. Dad accepts the change right away, but Mom struggles at first. We see Fin’s family grapple with his transition with the best of intentions. Throughout the course of Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, we see how they ultimately begin to understand and embrace Fin for who he really is.

Read more about LGBG and Carousel Theatre for Young People’s Resource Guide here. If you have any questions regarding this show and its content – please feel free to reach out to Hartley Reed Schuyler at outreach@carouseltheatre.ca

If you are interested in LGBG visiting a stage near you, please reach out to co-Artistic Directors Dave Deveau and Jennica Grienke – at dave@carouseltheatre.ca and jennica@carouseltheatre.ca

Original Photo of Rae Takei as Fin by Sarah Race Photography


Director: Jennica Grienke
Asst. Director: Angelica Schwartz
Lighting Design: Victoria Bell
Sound Design: Mary Jane Coomber
Costume Design: Christopher David Gauthier
Set Design: Shizuka Kai
Props Creator: Robyn Volk