Along with exceptional theatre, CTYP offers a number of accessibility initiatives. Through your donations we can continue to serve the community, ensuring everyone is able to access theatre regardless of financial of physical barriers.

Initiatives served through your generosity:

Family Fridays. These designated performances are available to single ticket purchasers at a reduced ticket price, creating more opportunities for people and families who may not otherwise be able to attend live theatre. We aim to offer one Family Friday for each production! To find out when the Family Fridays will be offered for the shows of your choosing simply check the performance calendar on the show page.

Relaxed Performances. This season also welcomes the return of a Relaxed Performance for children and families affected by autism and sensory or communication disorders. These performances are modified in the following ways:

  • Softened auditorium lights that remain on during the performance,
  • Lowered decibel levels,
  • Staging moments that are scripted to be jarring or surprising are gently modified,
  • Theatre capacity is reduced to 50% allowing ample space for buffer seats between patrons,
  • “Pacing rows” are created to enable children to walk and move without obstructing others’ view of the stage,
  • Electronic devices placed on silent are encouraged, as are head phones, fidget toys, pillows, etc., and
  • Designated chill-out areas are provided.