I am William / Je Suis William

by Rébecca Déraspe, translated by Leanna Brodie

A theatre le Clou Production, co-presented with Théâtre la Seizième

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Feb 13 - 18, 2024
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Waterfront Theatre
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Running Time
65 minutes

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February 17, 2024 3:00 PM

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“There are many true stories of talented and successful women that never got told because of how we have historically limited opportunity for certain people and because of who was writing the history books. This play allows young people to have the opportunity to see themselves in the hero and in doing so, see that they could be that person in the history books.” –Lauren Gienow, Broadway World

Margaret Shakespeare has a dazzling talent for writing, which she yearns to put to serious use. But in an age that is lethally suspicious of female intellect and literacy, the place of a girl is at home doing chores. How can she fulfill her ambitions and still survive? Fortunately, she has a brother, William, who isn’t much of a writer but who wants to make it as an actor – and friends in high places have just the role for him.

Tapping into our fascination with the enigma of William Shakespeare’s life and how he came to write those plays – and the speculation about whether he really did – this lighthearted yet genuinely passionate interweaving of comedy, song and poetic fancy spins a playful and witty yarn that will delight younger audiences and adults alike.

The sixteenth century becomes becomes a magnifying glass of our times. Because today, being a boy or a girl still dictates a part of the path to follow.


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Cast & Creative


William: Simon Labelle-Ouimet and Jonathan Caron (alternating)

Margaret: Édith Arvisais and Gabrielle Gourd (alternating)

Narrator: Renaud Paradis, Norman Carrière, and Guillaume Rodrigue (alternating)

Musician: Benoit Landry and Jean-François De Bellefeulle (alternating)

Play and lyrics by Rébecca Déraspe

Directed by  Sylvain Scott

Music and environmental sound by Benoit Landry Chloé Lacasse

Assistant Direction by Dominique Cuerrier

Dramaturgy by Paul Lefebvre (from CEAD)

Costume Design by Linda Brunelle

Lighting Design by Luc Prairie

Choreography by Monik Vincent

Chandelier design and construction by Nathalie Trépanier

Makeup by François Cyr

Wigs by Géraldine Courchesne

Production and Technical direction by Semuel Thériault

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